Improve core competitiveness
                    Build up the system of technology, quality and EHS

                    Apeloa has various R&D facilities in the cities of Hengdian, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu, mainly focused in the innovation of chemical synthesis, biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineering. The research institute has been equipped with state-of-art instruments such as NMR, LC-MS, ICP-MS, etc. Currently, there are over 400 scientists in the institute including a group of the high level research professionals with western education background and working experience in multi-national pharmaceutical companies. We are committed and endeavor to the development of novel therapeutic medicines, specifically in the field of cardiovascular, infectious disease and oncology, to improve people’s living quality.

                    API Technology Center, Engineering Technology Center, CDMO R&D Center and Yosemade Medicine Research Institute carry out scientific research activities for the three business divisions at Apeloa individually and they are the major driving force for Apeloa to reach its business achievement.

                    Apeloa has built strong external collaboration with academies, biotech, and other research institutions. The Academician Station and Post-doctoral Station in Apeloa attract the top talents throughout the world and makes Apeloa as an outstanding platform for innovation


                    National-recognized Enterprises Technology Center
                    National Post-Doctoral Work Station
                    Provincial Academician Work Station
                    2 Experts in The Recruitment Program of Global Experts of Zhejiang Province
                    National Hi-tech Enterprise



                    R&D Capability

                    52 Research Scientists (7 Ph.D., 6 Masters)
                    5 labs, including 50 fume hoods
                    1 small pilot lab, equipped with 20L-50L reactors
                    1 high-pressure reaction lab
                    National Hi-Tech Enterprise

                    Synthetic route research
                    Process research and optimization
                    Impurity study and polymorphism research
                    Small pilot, pilot, and trial production
                    Engineering design


                    Extensive experience on organic synthesis
                    R&D team with decades of experience and platform with well technology communication
                    Qualification on using highly toxic compounds
                    Application condition and experience on special material
                    Recycling and treating on special by-product and waste product

                    Engineering Technology Platform Building
                    TFRR, crystallization, extraction, distillation, drying, solid-liquid separation, membrane techology, automation technology and material compatibility study, and etc

                    Comprehensive science research database
                    Reaxys, Scifinder, CNKI…

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